Understanding the Stages of Literacy Development in Early Childhood

In the early years, children are constantly learning and developing their communication skills. These skills are essential for children to understand and express themselves effectively. It is during the early childhood years that children start developing these skills. At Kinder Academy, our experienced teachers understand the significance of these stages and provide a nurturing environment where children can develop their language and literacy proficiencies.

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Emergent Literacy: Building Blocks of Language

During the first stage of emergent literacy, children are exposed to language through their environment and interactions with caregivers. They start to understand that words have meaning. At our child care center, we offer a variety of activities to support the development of oral language skills through listening and speaking., including songs, rhymes, finger puppet plays, and letter recognition games.

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Early Literacy: Letter Recognition & Sounds

In early literacy, which typically occurs during the preschool years, children start to recognize letters and their corresponding sounds. As they begin to understand that text carries meaning, our teachers at Kinder Academy introduce children to pre-reading and writing skills, such as phonics and letter recognition.

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Transitional Literacy: Reading & Writing Independence

As children enter the transitional literacy stage, usually during the early elementary years, they start to read and write independently. They begin to apply their knowledge of letters and sounds to decipher words and sentences. Our best daycare in Pittsburgh offers a balanced literacy approach, where children have ample opportunities to read and write with teacher-guided reading and writing.

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Fluent Literacy: Mastering Reading & Writing Skills

At fluent literacy, children around late elementary to middle school age have mastered the fundamental skills of reading and writing. They have a solid understanding of grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension, and use these skills to apply to a wide range of texts and writing tasks.

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At Kinder Academy, we recognize the importance of language and literacy development and offer a rich and stimulating environment for children to learn and grow. Our experienced teachers, along with our literacy-rich activities, help children develop the necessary skills and love for reading and writing.

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