How Kinder Academy Helps Children Thrive and Grow

Our Kinder Academy early childhood learning centers in Pittsburgh, PA, are designed to help your young children explore the world around them and develop into well-rounded students. Through interactive, hands-on education activities and a variety of educational programs, our staff helps give kids a strong foundation on which they can build their success. With a focus on nurturing, teaching, and promoting early childhood development, Kinder Academy has quickly become a leading example of extraordinary childcare.

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Curriculum for Language and Literacy Development

Kinder Academy's early childhood learning center curriculum is specifically designed to promote early literacy skills. Through activities such as phonemic awareness, vocabulary development, and reading comprehension, children are encouraged to develop a strong foundation in literacy.


Encouraging Creative Expression

All three of our early learning childcare centers in Pittsburgh foster exploration and self-expression in kids through various artistic mediums. Children enrolled in our programs are provided with opportunities to engage in drawing, painting, sculpting, and more, all to nurture their creativity.


Introduction to Mathematical Thinking

At Kinder Academy, we are proud to offer an introduction to mathematical thinking for young children. Part of our mission is to help students develop problem-solving skills through effective communication, giving them a firm basic understanding on which they can grow their learning.


Igniting Scientific Thinking

Our early childhood learning centers help spark scientific curiosity in children, encouraging them to develop a strong sense of curiosity. We hope to help children be motivated to explore the world around them and develop new ways of thinking.

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Parents can feel confident that they are placing their kids in a stimulating environment where young boys and girls can develop their full potential. Through a warm and inviting atmosphere, personalized attention, and a focus on family engagement, Kinder Academy creates a holistic educational experience. Contact us to learn more about our educational programs and to schedule a tour of our locations!

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